What’s Grade A-Level Chemistry like for a pupil?



I needed to learn more about what my old pupils think about A level chemistry.

I requested Nick his take on A level chemistry up to now. Nick was chosen by me because the combination of areas he requires gives an useful perspective how chemistry and others compare to him. Where he attained an A* I instructed Nick for IGCSE chemistry. He was an excellent IGCSE pupil, did his homework, worked in course, played with football. He seemed to possess a release for that region and that I inspired him to Have A degree chemistry despite his concerns he may think it is difficult.

I requested among my pupils to write about their experience of A-Level Chemistry. I could have created a survey, but, they’ve a tendency to close down answers and are generally fairly worthless in regards to selecting possible actions points, as many people understand.

‘Fairly distinct to other areas’

Explosive. Intriguing. Unpredictable. Virtually anything can occur, particularly when it’s the practical being carried out by me! Chemistry is a vital selection for lots of pupils – for some time I believed though my plans are always transforming, I may like to be a veterinarian.

Throughout IGCSE chemistry uncomplicated was found by me and within my comfort zone. I reached my goal level without a lot of calamities.

But this year continues to be quite distinct. In the beginning it was not easy to understand and adjust to what’s needed of A-grade standards. I’m finding the class complicated, demanding and strenuous. A steady flow of new stuff will be hurled at me, meaning I.

Chemistry is rather different to my other areas. It needs an on the job approach, and many things you learn about are analyzed and put in actions. Despite having a bigger workload and being more sophisticated than my other areas, it makes a monotonous school day energetic.

However, following a sting within my mock exam, I’ve discovered a fresh resolution. Realising something radical had to transform, a fresh work ethic and I adopted.

Prepared for reflection

Despite seeing a fortnight for two years to Nick five times, I ‘d no idea just how much he’d coasted through his IGCSE, and thus what a shock A level would be. Some BRIGHT objectives so that you can enhance their accomplishment quite frequently we ask pupils to bullet point for themselves.


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