Try your wine cosmetic for skin


The advantages of wine are rooted in science. But do you realize that it not only tastes good, but is also not bad for your skin? Royals used to rub grape juice on their skin energetic appearance, for a fresher. Now, you too can go for a wine facial to get your glow back as it acts as a catalyst in helping your skin breathe. Wine makes for a skincare treatment that is good as it includes anthocyanin and natural phenols, polyphenols, resveratrol that prevents free-radical damage.
Wine is full of minerals and vitamins. Hence, it interacts with ingredients that are natural that are special to help beautify and cleanse hair, your skin and body. We treat patients who are suffering from acne, eczema, and other skin problems through wine treatment. Those with dry skin should choose a wine that is sweet with lots of sugar for water-binding goals. Acne-prone skin will do better with red wine, since its high concentration of the polyphenol resveratrol will act to reduce inflammation while reversing or preventing free radical damage. Those with extremely flaky skin should choose dry wine, which includes a greater concentration of the natural named malic, tartaric, and citric acid,” says cosmetologist Jaishree Manchanda. She adds that wine will not have any side effects, so it can be used for a bathroom and facial. Nevertheless, it is advised to seek professional help when trying out something new.

– For acne-prone skin that is oily, boil a soothing herb like chamomile in white wine Malaysia for 10 minutes, let it cool, then apply


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