Lipsticks and manicure pencils would be the latest in beauty styles


PARIS, June 16 — Cosmetic salon make-up In Paris strike on the French capital last week, showcasing some of the most popular attractiveness developments occurring in the beauty business at the moment.

The reason behind much of the delight was the show’s well-known “Innovation Tree”, which unveiled 28 of the most cutting edge new products in expansion.

These embrace Eyenrow Designer uses a method that enables users to dye their eyebrows by combing them, by Bomo Trendline.

Advanced formulas additionally supplied a talking point, with Gotha Makeup  Bi-Metallic Face Color Veil Eyes seems like a future hit. The refreshing gel texture creates a light veil over face or the eyes, and the intensity is changeable like a stroboscope. Igloo Color is set by the brand And Pearly Color Igloo” merchandise, some powders which come in four distinct colors and which excite the senses upon program featured on the Innovation Tree.

The present craze for incorporating make-up and technology was also well characterized, My Smart Cosmetics program, which analyses and finds facial structures for make-up guidance that was customized.


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